Digital PR

Making your story heard in a digital world that’s noisier than ever.

Digital Strategy

Great PR knows how to cut through the clamor and build affection for your brand. But in a noisy and often cynical digital world, the old ways aren’t always effective.

Today, PR is still story-driven, but storytelling is constantly evolving with the changing moods and innovations of digital. Success brings visibility and engagement, but those that can’t meet audience expectations risk getting lost in the fray.

As digital natives and natural storytellers, the Digifast Solutions team approaches digital PR with a deep understanding of the online landscape and a keen eye for consumer behavior. We add original research, a focus on results, and an enthusiasm for creative, contagious content, to produce PR that actually works.

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Finding storytellers you can trust

Once your story is out there, it’s hard to walk it back. Make sure you’re confident in the team telling yours, and that you’re looking for the marks of a quality Digital PR agency:

Driven by research
Always agile.

From politics to pop culture, your story can be viewed through all kinds of constantly-changing lenses. Savvy agencies always have an eye on the horizon, so they can pivot at a moment’s notice.

Naturally collaborative

Understanding your audience is critical if your PR efforts are going to rise above the rest. Agencies that do their research and apply what they learn have a better chance of earning your brand the spotlight.

Actionable Thinking.
Focused on measurement.

Data points like engagement, shares or views don’t always tell the whole story, but your agency should care about identifying and growing meaningful metrics.

How we approach Digital PR

PR success takes preparation. Our approach starts with research, thrives on creativity, and is consistently self-reflective.