Information Architecture + UX

Creating digital experiences that perform by ensuring every interaction counts.

Digital Strategy

It’s human nature: people like things to be easy and clear. And today, people have seamless user experiences at their fingertips, every minute of every day. Expectations are high.

So when a digital property isn’t easy to use, people get frustrated. And when they get frustrated, they go elsewhere – leaving with a poor impression of your business.

The good news is that building a great user experience takes work, but it’s not magic. You need the right expertise, a passion for listening to your users, and a willingness to test and learn.

The experts on Digifast Solution’s UX team bring all of those qualities and more. It’s their job to turn the frustration of “what’s going on?” into the joy of “that was easy” – designing standout experiences that convert prospects and keep customers coming back.

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What makes a great IA/UX team

Information architecture and user experience have a language all their own. But even if you’re not fluent, you should be looking for a UX team that:

Driven by research
Really understands your users.

Your UX team should be obsessed with uncovering what users think, feel, and do – and translating their insights into an experience those users will love.

Naturally collaborative
Really understands usability.

Usability isn’t the only aspect of UX, but it’s critical. A UX designer should be able to prioritize and simplify important user task flows, apply recognized best practices, and be able to explain what they’re doing and why.

Actionable Thinking.
Has the tools to test.

User testing isn’t part of everyone’s budget, but your UX team should be ready to recommend testing that makes sense from a cost-benefit perspective.

Our IA / UX process

Our process is flexible depending on client needs, but the basics are always the same: turn a deep understanding of users into an intuitive experience.